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Residential Laundry Services

Your laundry will be wash & folded or dry cleaned whatever you prefer.

All your clothes will be delivery back to you clean and ready to put away.

Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

Compact Bag

Our Compact Bags 

holds Approx. 15-20lbs (2-3 Loads)

Pink Sugar

Conventional Bag

Our Conventional Bags 

holds Approx. 25-30lbs (4-5 Loads)

Pink Sugar


Our Commercial Bags 

holds Approx. 35-40lbs (6-7 Loads)

Pink Sugar

Dry Cleaning

      Dry Cleaning
Shirts, Pants, Blouse, Skirts, Sweaters, Ties

Sport Jacket, Blazer

Dress, Coat, Suit ect.

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