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This Is Our Story

Washing Machine Interior

President/ CEO

I used to work in the Home Care Industry and I watched how much of a struggle elderly and disabled people had with laundry needs. Some would even call with tears expressing how they did not have any clean clothes to wear. I started feeling bad and thinking about how I could help. This is how Tray’c Wash and Fold came about. I started it on my own with one driver and a laundry lady until my brother joined 6 months later.


Vice president/ COO

Being raised by immigrating caribbean parents. Laundry was a constant battle with 4 kids and just got worse as I grew up adding social activities, part time jobs and my brother in I on the basketball team. It was a never ending story and I see it first hand now, raising  my two little boys. 


It wasn’t easy and smooth selling but after getting approved for a major contract for the Police department through a referral we pretty much took off. We are excited and motivated to “lighten the load” see what I did there, for other families out there.Our mission is to provide quality and satisfying services to our community. Upholding integrity to all our dealings with each other, our clients, and our employees. Providing ongoing services of value to all our clients. Meeting quality requirements.

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